Friday, July 5, 2013

Michael Douglas is confused or am I?

Within a day of Michael Douglas stated that he had throat cancer as a result of HPV from oral sex, he retracted his statement and said that his throat cancer was not caused by oral sex. So before much interesting discussion could take place, it was squashed. But there is a great learning opportunity in this blip in the news.

Here is the interesting discussion point... if it's true medically (and research shows that it is) that men can contract HPV from oral sex with women, then it might even be possible to go back to the discussion that oral sex IS sex. And viruses can be spread in this manner. Those of you who are Bill Clinton fans might wince at this news flash, but most of us already believe that any contact that can cause an STD is sexual contact. Sorry to spoil your fun.

The Lancet recently studied these infection rates and estimated that approximately 50% of men carry the virus. Perhaps I am missing something, but why are only girls immunized?

And I think it's time to talk about STDs and cancer rates with "real facts", "real numbers", "real photos", and stop attaching a political agenda to it and stop pretending that free love is free.

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