Thursday, August 1, 2013

Month 10 of Gluten-Free Living

Good news... I have discovered I am gluten-intolerant.
Bad news... I miss Krispie Kreme, but I don't miss pasta or bread at all.
Good news... I feel soooo much better.
Bad news... I have to plan food, and I hate that.
Good news... I greatly reduced my nausea and inflammation.
Bad news... I eliminated other foods and found that I am also dairy intolerant.
Good news... I am sleeping better than ever.
Bad news...
on balance, there is mostly good news!

My next elimination test has been going on for three weeks... eggs, peanuts, and soy.
I am afraid to reintroduce them. The dairy reintroduction went horribly wrong...

My next addition is mangosteen juice to reduce inflammation even more and reduce my dependence on arthritis medication.
$36 per bottle is still cheaper than $5 per day for Celebrex.

It's been so humid. I miss my bike.