Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Newt

Every since the 1990s, I have had an infatuation with Mr. Newt. He is a writer, historian, and generally brilliant man. He was able to implement the Contract with America and balance the federal budget. He and my fave, John Kasich, worked to turn around some of the wrongs of Washington. When I heard Mr. Newt speak, he was decisive. I enjoy his sport of slamming reporters. He and Dick Cheney must have studied that tactic somewhere. Those two men are my two favorite "debate brains".

When Mr. Newt decided to run for the Republican nomination for president, I had mixed feelings. Is it possible to have higher "negatives" than even Hillary Clinton? How can someone so polarizing unite a party. I have to set aside my enjoyment of "the slam" that he serves and really evaluate what type of president he would be. My concern... the most massive ego of all time!

A successful president surrounds himself with wise counsel. I cannot imagine Mr. Newt surrounding himself with any one who is strong, perhaps even smarter than he is in some area. His ego doesn't seem to allow for that possibility. One man trying to run a country surrounded by weaker voices and subsurviant points of view is a recipe for more of the same that we have had with presidents who think they are the smartest in the room.