Monday, February 9, 2009

the user manual

Why is it that a replacement cell phone costing hundreds of dollars, a longer contract, and your firstborn child doesn't come with a user manual? Last week my pda phone started giving some oddball messages. The latest message was telling me that my phone wouldn't be connected until I connected to the wireless radio. Huh? So, when the phone is having some internal meltdown, it's time to trade up.

I need a user manual. I don't want a searchable pdf. I don't want to print 220 pages. I want a little book... a reference guide... What's a girl to do? I want to actually read it. I know. That is highly unusual. Maybe there should be an option to pay $5 more and buy the manual. I know it's called a Smartphone, but it won't run itself. In order to run more than 2% of its features, it needs a smart owner. Smartphone + user guide = smart momma.