Thursday, January 29, 2009

the pajama day

When you go to college, why don't they organize the careers into useful categories such as essential jobs, slacker jobs, and pajama jobs. I love snow days in the midwest. There is ice everywhere. The snow just keeps coming. And I can work in my pajamas all day if I want to. Truth be told, I am self-employed, so I can have a pajama day any time I want to, but I rarely indulge. Most of us who own our own businesses work many long hours and little time off. The news reports are filled with traffic trama and delay drama. I sit here with my laptop and my TV. Rough, I know. They talk on the news about only "essential employees" should take the two hours to clean off their car and then risk their lives for a job. How is "essential" defined? And are we medicating ourselves as a nation because we know deep in our soul we are "non-essential" to our workplace? Sad!

Of course, in the local college, if they talk about being in a pajama job, they should really mention that quarterly taxes BITE IT! If more Americans were in pajama jobs and had to write a check directly to the federal, state, and local governments, maybe we could finally get that tax issue addressed. Every few months, there is that tangible reminder that I may be working in my pajamas, but there are people watching cable TV in their pajamas and not working at all. Every few months I write those checks... about as often as I write tuition checks for my college kids. Transfer payments... I work.... someone else lives it up!

Even though I am bitter quarterly, there are still some great days in my bunny slippers. Think about it kids (bio kids, step kids, and other transfer payment recipients)... stay in school. Don't limit yourself. Take classes. Dream big. Work hard. Study and do better. At least... do something. Even if you rise to the level of a non-essential slacker, I would love to move you off of my dole!