Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What happened to the morning news?

Maybe it's just me, but more and more I am frustrated with morning news programs. I really just need to know about weather, traffic, and the top news. I don't need to know about the latest Hollywood happenings. I am tired of hearing about what's trending on Twitter, as if that is a measure of anything relevant. And what's with the Today Show's Orange Room? It seems to be about whatever people are talking about. I don't care what people are talking about. I want to know about things that ordinary uninformed people don't even know enough to care about.

I think one of the more disturbing things that I saw was a story about "don't leave your baby in the hot car." I know that it's summer time. I know that it's hot outside. But every year we hear about dozens of children left in cars... forgotten.

Part of what upset me about this story was, of course, that children were dying at the hands of their own parents. But what the newscasters said next was so crazy. The reporter and newscasters continued the conversation. They were talking amongst themselves about how to help viewers "remember" their children. One newscaster suggested placing the diaper bag in the front seat to remind you that you child is in the back seat. And most offensive yet, one newscaster even suggested that a parent should place his or her cell phone on the back seat of the car because, "No one forgets their phone." And then he threw in for good measure, "it will keep you from texting and driving, too."


Apparently it's common knowledge that no one forgets their phone. But forgetting your child just happens sometimes.