Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Shooting in Arizona

Mental illness knows no gender, no politics, no rhetoric. It just knows what the irrational brain knows. 

As people across the country, in an attempt to understand, start blaming certain public figures, blaming teachers who didn't ask for an evaluation, blaming parents who didn't do enough, let us at least stop to ponder that this shooter was ill. Do we really understand this kind of mental illness? Do we understand paranoia, delusions, and these strongly held irrational beliefs? 

It is a tragedy when someone is able to kill the innocent and fulfill their delusions. And it is also a tragedy that one can be mentally ill in this country, over 18 years old, and still have the "right" to live crazy. Perhaps the laws should change-- not the laws of free speech, not the gun laws, not the free press-- but the laws that allow an adult who is psychotic to remain that way, tying the hands of all who might change his trajectory.