Sunday, November 9, 2008

the peaches

Did you ever stop in the middle of the yard and bawl your head off? Well, I did today. I walked into the yard and saw peaches on the peach tree. You missed it. You left and you died. You never got to see those peaches.

You loved the yard. You bought trees and shrubs. You watered and fertilized. Your hands touched these plants and trees. What do I do with them? Right in front I see the tree you planted. Remember the one? It was the same height as the kids when we moved into the house. You planted it out front. Then you promptly went to the store and bought another 12 trees just like it. I guess you thought you would cover the front of the house with a row of trees. Today that pine tree is so tall. It's almost taller than the house. It's certainly taller than your babies are now.

I remember when you came home with the peach tree and the Japanese maple. It was the same month and year my precious niece was born. I remember being so excited about her birth. I remember you being consumed with peaches. You used to tell me that the peach tree was there so that I could bake you some cobbler. I suppose I could bake a cobbler to complete the circle. Just to remember you. It think it would be too watery with tears.

It was so fitting that today was my niece's birthday and today I found the peaches. She is 12. You are gone. Sometimes God just wraps it up in a bow like that. A perfect circle of memories.

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