Sunday, October 26, 2008

the undecided and the fraudulent

So, how is it that 9 days before a presidential election there are still undecided voters? The primaries, the conventions, the debates, the relentless commercials... how could anyone not know who to vote for? There are many people who are legitimately undecided. Are they the people who wait to fill out their 85 deposit slips while they are in line at the bank? Are they the people who pull up to the drive-thru where they have eaten once a week for decades and don't know what they want to order? They hold up the line at the post office as if they have never mailed anything in their lives. It must be. They are the indecisive among us. They hold up the lines everywhere. They steal bits of time from each of us. Let's just hope that they don't hold up the lines at the polls.

And what about these 200,000 voter registrations in Ohio that can't be confirmed with government records. Why is it that the alumni fund-raisers at my college can find me within days of moving to a new address? Why is it that the red-light cameras can mail me a ticket when I wasn't even driving the car? Even if my car was driven by a wayward teen, the ticket finds me, the owner. With all of the government data bases that can be breached to find the scoop on "Joe the Plumber", why can't they use the data bases to root out voter fraud? Even I can look on Google Earth and tell if my weeds need to be pulled. We have technology. We have passwords and user names everytime we make a purchase online. We have tracking cookies on our computers so that marketers can profit from our profiles. We have MySpace and Facebook and blogs such as this, but we can't tell if someone is registered in more than one location for the same election. Find some teenagers. Give them 10 bucks to root out each bad name. Let them text and search and enlist all of their Facebook friends. The problem would be solved before the next episode of "The Hills"!

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