Thursday, October 4, 2012


Who watched the first presidential debate of 2012? I am hoping that many people did. It was fantastic for Mitt Romney and surprisingly dull and defeating for President Obama. It seemed to me like Obama was a disillusioned college kid working his first job... just now realizing it's not as fun to be a grown-up as he thought it would be.

As someone interested in politics and someone who reads dozens of news sources daily, I love the debates. I love the conventions. I love the posturing and the body language and the "Newt-Gingrich-type zingers." I enjoy reading about what each side says about the performance of the other side. But reading what the Left says about Obama this morning is not what I expected. I expected the liberal media to prop him up and cover him. But they didn't. Why would the liberal media throw Obama under the bus?

My guess is that the media thinks that their guy lost the election last night. So, the only thing left to do is blame Obama for losing the election to draw attention away from the fact that Obama's policies are really what will cost him the election. If the loss can be Obama's fault, then the liberals can continue on as if their policies were not the issue. Then Romney comes in, saves the day, and liberals will say... the recovery is due to Obama after all and resurrect his reputation again.

Obama's first real "job evaluation" didn't go so well. He looked like he had never had a job evaluation in his entire life... because he hasn't. He looked like he had never had anyone stand up to him and tell him he's wrong... because he hasn't. He kept looking to the moderator to pull him out, change the topic, or rescue him because the American media has been doing that for years. Once again, Mr. President, you forgot the number one rule of your leftest friends... when they worship you, they worship you, and when they turn, they will eat you alive and move on. The only loyalty is to the agenda and the mission, not to you. You have learned the disappointing adult lesson of what it feels like to be used.

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