Sunday, May 3, 2009

the Mexican border and unemployment

Why not solve two problems at once? We have high unemployment among all age groups, particularly the college-aged kids. And we have a border that is as porous as a loufah. Why not have a reality show for young adults where they live in dormatory style housing, guard the borders in shifts, and party in shifts? Tequila is already available nearby. No weapons allowed, for sure. That doesn't mix well with partying young adults. Give them all of the technology from home... phones, computer, internet access, social networking. Which generation is better at texting, emailing, facebooking info around the world? We can have houses competing for prizes. The partying house v. the women-only house. The frat-boys v. the nerds. The preppies v. the emo kids. Heck, even have a sober house v. a stoner house. You never know, right? As a nation we have allowed Jerry Springer to thrive on the air dredging the trailer parks. Let's combine our voyeurism and our technology to solve some problems! Wouldn't the taxpayers of the border states be more willing to pay for dorms and booze? Most of us who have kids in college are already doing that! It would certainly be cheaper than the hemorrhage of money going to hospitals, schools, and social programs for the law-breaking border crossers. All that's needed is an ad campaign and a network.

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